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tv   8 News Now Sports Raider Nation Relocation  CBS  August 27, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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(music) >> libby: i really respect that mr. davis and the raiders organization is frustrated with oakland. we obviously are working very hard to keep the team where they belong and that's in oakland. >> it is looking more and the raiders staying in oakland. >> mark: we'll see where the raider nation ends up here. we'll be working really hard to find us a home and that's what we're looking for and so for our fans and everything else. don't feel bad, we'll get it right. (music) >> chris: this is oakland, california. in the sports world, oakland and the raiders appear to have a perfect marriage. but just like in the real world, some perceived strong unions don't last forever.
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>> chris: oakland coliseum was built in 1966 for 25 million dollars. it's the second oldest facility in the national football league. it looks its age and nobody can argue its best days have long been mothballed, along with the seats stored in the corner of the parking lot. it was designed as a multi-purpose stadium and is now the only facility that shares major sports teams. the raiders had use of the coliseum by themselves for only 2 years. it's also home to the oakland a's and costs 250,000 dollars to covert the facility from sport to the other. >> as the commissioner- >> chris: in the late 70's, raiders owner al davis wanted to renovate the facility, adding seats to generate more money. city leaders said no, so he moved his franchise to los angeles in 1981. after a few years in southern california, again davis pleaded to the city to add luxury suites to the l.a. coliseum. city fathers said no. so he convinced oakland to build a 200 million dollar addition, today known as mount davis which consists of 125 suites and
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in 1995, with the promise of a new addition, davis moved his raiders back to oakland. >> take the lead right here,- >> raiders! >> chris: by 2013, interest in the club began to sag and the raiders began tarping off the upper deck of mount davis. so it currently seats about 53,000 fans for football. now the stadium is located close to the airport, 2 freeways and a light rail station. (police sirens) >> chris: but its location is in the south part of east bay, an area that's ap there are very few services located near the facility. by today's nfl standards, oakland coliseum is ancient and unappealing. the raiders grew tired of living in a starter home shared with baseball in one of the oldest facilities in sports. after all, their neighbors to the south, the rams, are moving in to a brand new mansion. raiders owner mark davis felt his team deserves something newer and better. but city leaders don't have the money and tax payers aren't willing to fund the partnership, so it fell apart.
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within the past year, word began to surface that las vegas could eventually tie the knot with the raiders. that a new lasting bond could be formed. so impressed was davis, that he said if vegas builds a stadium, he'd pledge 500 million toward the project. and with that, an exciting new honeymoon was underway. jon tritsch brings us up to date. >> jon: one eye was covered with a patch and the other always romantically glanced at the city of bright lights and opportunity. >> al: but i always went the we're gonna take what we want. >> jon: las vegas and al davis had love at first sight. >> mark: on august 29th, 1964, the raiders and the houston oilers met in the only professional football game that had ever been staged in las vegas. >> al and karen davis, the best of the best. al was at the riveria all the time. >> jon: al davis died in 2011. but his sin city sentiments passed on to his son, mark. following a 2015 season, the raiders flirted with los angeles and winked at san antonio. but their only date was in the
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a committee was formed, ideas were fostered. but the nfl coming here was like floating a hail mary. the raiders went from rumor to real when mark davis walked through that door. >> mark: the raiders plan to contribute a half a billion dollars to this project. >> jon: the stadium would be both colossal and cool. complete with a retractable roof, a fan friendly plaza and a mere tailgating distance from the strip. but 500 million only goes so far when erecting a contemporary coliseum. every palace comes at a price. the total cost for this one could exceed 1.4 billon dollars. in addition to their $500 millon, the raiders request $750 million in public funding. sheldon adelson and las vegas sands say they'd pick up the ball, and the bill, for the remaining $150 million and construction overages. >> andy: so what we need is a package in place so that there is a financial package approved by the legislature in time for
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owners. so they can vote to relocate the oakland raiders to las vegas, nevada. >> jon: three quarters of a billion dollars could be generated through an increase in live entertainment tax, rental car tax and a hotel room tax. >> carolyn: that piece is what's called the public participation, when in fact neither you nor i pay one more cent of sales tax. doesn't touch our property tax. it's not even our money. >> jon: the clark couty room tax sits at 12 percent. percent would generate an estimated 50 million dollars a year and still be below the rates of houston, chicago, dallas and new york. it would be more than just a residence to the raiders. the stadium would serve unlv and potentially 40 other events a year. ranging from concerts, bowl games, ufc and as one well dressed guest notes, soccer. >> david: you know, the interest that the players will have with coming to america and coming to
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showcasing their skills around america. without a doubt, there'll be so much excitement around this. >> jon: if you built it, they will come, as in workers. when the 49ers built levi stadium, it created 12,000 jobs. >> marc: all of our employees, including our players, will make las vegas their home. they'll live here, they'll raise their families here. they'll invest in their communities. they'll start businesses here and they'll become part of your family, too. >> jon: but rerouting the raiders has road blocks. the current proposal calls for the largest percentage of public funding for a stadium ever. and while the raiders mantra is commitment to excellence, the team's commitment to a city is concerning. the franchise has already moved twice. >> mark: everything that i've done, i've been open with people. and every place and uh, that's where we stand now. and we're not using las vegas as a bargaining chip. >> jon: the raiders are a risk. but making las vegas one of 32 nfl cities could provide decades of reward. will a stadium make a team and a
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here's a vow. >> mark: together we can turn the silver state in to the silver and black state. >> jon: jon tritsch, 8 sports now. >> chris: thanks jon. the reason why the raiders are even in the conversation with las vegas is because of that multi-use facility. the oakland athletics would probably love to see the raiders find a new home. the day we visited oakland coliseum, the a's just happened to be playing the cubs. lots of a's fans are also raider fans. they know and understand what's being talked about. the possibility of relocation draws mixed emot. >> kathy: i'm not happy about it, but you know, what are you gonna do? >> steve: i became a raider fan when they were the los angeles raiders. then they came to oakland. so if they go to las vegas or san antonio, i'm still gonna support 'em. >> kathy: i would hope that they would stay. they're oakland, not vegas. >> dan: first of all, i don't believe they're goin' to vegas. i know there's a lot of talk, you've been seeing it on the internet and stuff like that. but i have the assumption, until there's a shovel in the ground, i don't believe a thing. >> steve: they're probably gonna end going to vegas if, because
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care. >> dan: we need schools, we need police, we need fire. they probably could afford it, but then you wouldn't have police, fire, schools, community services. >> chris: cause no one's gonna come up with some more money out of their pockets. >> dan: god no, is there such thing as a broke billionaire? >> chris: some of these fans have been going to raider games for decades. but they know and understand there's no money to build davis a new stadium. >> steve: if he wants to keep 'em in oakland, but he's got, oakland ain't got no money and they don't want him here. what's he supposed to do? he's goto >> kathy: they belong here, this is where they'll stay. >> trevor: i live in reno, actually. so, i'd be ok with them moving to vegas. going to vegas, cause i live in reno, it's in nevada, so- >> chris: ok, so you're a reno guy? >> trevor: yeah! >> chris: so you'd go down to vegas and watch? >> trevor: yeah, i definitely would, yeah. >> chris: another reason why tax payers may be apprehensive to come up with more money for the oakland raiders. they're still paying on this addition. it's known as mount davis, built in 1997. >> dan: to get the raiders back from los angeles, we had to get that built. now mark davis says, well i want more.
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you know? it's like you want more? build your own stadium. >> chris: not everybody here at the baseball game was against the raiders relocating to las vegas. bonanza high grad and current cubbies star kris bryant, who by the way broke his single season home run mark in the game with 27, would love to see the raiders move to vegas. >> kris: it'd be cool. i would definitely go to some games. i know we got the hockey team coming, which is nice. i mean, um, it'd be great to just get some sports in vegas. i mean, it's a perfect city for it, i think a lot of people would go and it's nice to kind of have that home town team. so yeah, yeah, i mean. i kind of wish i'd have had that growing up. i would have definitely kind of been in to more sports than baseball, i think. so, i think it's good. i mean, i think, you know, like i said, i'd definitely go to some games. and give us something to talk about in vegas and i think it'll be great for the city. >> chris: if the raiders move, some die hard fans who were at the baseball game won't abandon
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they've been down that black hole once before. >> dan: i kind of see it like, they were my first love. like havin' a girlfriend, your first love. then your first love runs off with your next door neighbor, who is los angeles. she takes off and of course, you're mad. so you get a phone call and say hey honey, i'm comin' back. i was wrong. then you accept her back and then you say, alright, all is forgiven. now she wants to take off with another guy named las vegas. i'm not gonna get kicked in the you know what twice. (laughter) >> chris: seems most people in the bay area have an opinion on the raiders possible relocation. from civic leaders to raider fans and also team officials, we talked to them all on this raider nation relocation
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(music) (crowd cheering) >> good grief! >> second effort by marcus allen. they caught him in mid-air. (music) >> chris: as you can imagine, there are a numebr of groups forming to try to save the oakland raiders from moving to las vegas. we caught up with 2 passionate members of those groups, also a
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the raiders since the 1960's. he says las vegas would be a perfect fit for the nfl, just not the oakland raiders. >> dave: i think las vegas is fine. i hope it's not the raiders or the a's, but las vegas is fine. >> chris: there are number of grass roots groups trying to save the raiders. and for that matter, oakland sports from moving. >> john: stay in oakland is not such much a specific group, as a movement. >> chris: oh, ok. >> john: and like i said, it's the calling card in essence to, for a lot of the groups have oakland mantra. >> chris: raider groups are vocal in their opposition to relocation. we caught up with a couple of supporters. one chris lopez, from save the raiders says if they move, he may check out. >> chris l.: i'm biased, like i said. i'd probably stay away from vegas for a couple years. probably stay away from professional sports for a couple years and then see how i feel. i'm not saying that the raiders aren't gonna make it to las vegas. but i think there's a lot of obstacles. they gotta get the public money. they seem to be on a, on a very
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they want to get this done quickly, because of just the way vegas voting situation is. >> john: i dont know if the mayor didn't say specifically there's no money. i think the mayor said it is the city of oakland's belief that they do not, there should not be a publicly funded stadium, with the exception of infrastructure. which infrastructure, once again, the question is, is, what all does that entail? usually when most people say infrastructure, they're thinking roads, as far as water supplies, electricity. that is what is by definit traditionally considered infrastructure. um, and the estimates have been anywhere between $90 million and $150 million. that is the, from what, everything released has been reported, is this city's interest in being able to support the cost. >> chris: another person with deep ties to the area is noted journalist and author dave newhouse. he's covered the raiders and athletics for decades. he was covering the team when they left in '81 and was still here when the raiders returned in '95. >> dave: i think the politicians
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being played. and it's almost like their hands are thrown up, they're waving a white towel and said look, if you want to go? go. this is the place you should be. we're going to treat you fairly. you know, they've enlarged the coliseum arena. and the raiders have always treated the fans here badly. >> chris: well, what's your impression of mark davis? >> dave: i think mark davis is over his head. to be honest with you, i think he's over his head. the gauntlet's there and it's been dropped. i mean, las vegas has already had major league sports, right? that gambling thing, it doesn't wash anymore. >> chris: no. >> dave: i bet you las vegas would do very well. i'm not so sure what the cheerleaders would look like. (laughter) >> chris: coming up next, we're gonna travel north to raiders training camp up near napa. where the real avid raider fans are hanging out with the team. that's coming up next here on
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>> 3rd and 10- (crowd cheering) >> open, it's marcus allen, coming back, great come back. (music) >> chris: and welcome back. we are in napa valley, home of the raiders training facility. we moved 50 miles to the north, this is where the raiders have trained for years and years. now there are 2 players on that raider roster who have ties to las vegas. one went to high school there, the other played at unlv. john lotulelei has a few thoughts on the possibility of the raiders moving to vegas. >> john: my thoughts on it is that, if they do go over there, it's a big deal. and um, i, it wouldn't affect me in any way. cause right now, at the moment, i'm just fighting to stay and hopefully make a contract for the next couple years. cause if not, i probably won't even be here, if they end up moving to vegas. it is a wow factor and that would be exciting to see the raiders end up in vegas. >> jack: i'm loving it right now
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playing in the coliseum this year. and uh, so, that's- the guys that were around me last year know, i didn't spend any time talking about those stories. i mean, for me, it's about being here, being in the moment. being respectful of the position that i'm in and i'm very appreciative to have this opportunity to lead this great franchise. >> chris: every oakland raider will have an opinion on whether or not the team should leave oakland and move to las vegas. coming up next on the show, we caught up with the main man who says, hey, if you build it, he raiders owner mark davis coming up next on raider nation
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>> chris: welcome back to the show here in napa valley at the raiders training facility. now, mark davis might be the nicest owner in the national football league. we caught up with mark today. he didn't want to talk about the possibility of the oakland raiders moving to las vegas. but he did talk about the team, the young team. the talented team and dare we
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>> mark: well, you're throwing play offs in, i haven't seen that yet. >> chris: well- (laughter) >> mark: we haven't done it, you gotta go out and earn it. >> chris: yeah. >> mark: people say well you're due to get in to the play offs. no, that's not true. you're never due, you gotta go out and earn it and you gotta fight for it. and uh, so we'll see if that dream comes true. but uh, and when you think about the dream, the dream is to win the super bowl. it's not just to get in to the play offs. >> chris: you have a smile on your face though. >> mark: i do, i do right now. like i said, we're undefeated at this point in time. (laughter) >> mark: that's basically how the season starts. once the super bowl is over, we ar we're all undefeated. there's a lot of good things in this team right now. we brought in some free agents, had another great draft. reggie mckenzie and jack del rio have a good grasp of what's going on. we're just excited. >> chris: and so are the fans. raider fans are faithful, unique, long suffering. many of have been showing up at raiders training facility for years and years. >> (shouting) raiders!
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ignites the season and get you going? >> randy: just the passion that the raiders have and i've been a fan since 1977. and they left and then they came back and i became a raider fan again, a season ticket holder. and i've never even know, if they go again,- i hope they don't, but i'm still gonna be a fan. a fan is a fan, so- >> chris: so you're a fan, i mean, if they went to las vegas, you're still a fan? >> randy: yeah, if they went to kingdom come, i'd still be a raider fan. yeah, i'm just a fan. i'm supporting them by buying season tickets. fan. and here in am, here we are at training camp. >> chris: is training camp fun for you? >> randy: oh a lot of fun. yeah, it's probably my 3rd time here and it's great. i've missed a few of 'em, but i wished i hadn't. but hey, i'm here now. >> chris: well, i heard you out there screaming do you have fun at these training camps? >> lisa: oh yeah, yeah. they're a lot of fun, especially when you get lots of autographs. >> chris: now what's your thought on the team possibly moving to vegas? >> lisa: i don't like it. their home's here in oakland. >> chris: would you still be a
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>> chris: regardless? >> lisa: regardless, we'd still be fans. >> chris: not only are the fans keeping a close eye on what the raiders are doing, but so are some former raiders themselves. they built their careers in either oakland or los angeles and now the thought of the team moving to las vegas seems crazy, but not out of the question. >> cliff: i hope it happens. to have a state of the art stadium in the entertainment captial of the world, las vegas? it's a hand in hand thing and i don't see why it wouldn't work. >> daryle: the las vegas raiders has a good ring to it. i think that as long as you have a stadium here and it's done, it's always a possibility. but i think my real heart though is still in oakland. >> raymond: i make no bones about it, i wish that our team could stay in oakland for all the sentimental reasons. the fan base and the history that's there and what ever. but if we gotta move somewhere? >> chris: hey? >> raymond: las vegas is a pretty nice place to go. >> chris: that's why former nfl veteran running back steven jackson, who grew up here, still lives here. it's a pretty nice place to go.
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canadian football, the xfl, arena football. they've all tried and failed. but the national football league is king and jackson, even though he's a ram, would welcome the raiders. >> steven: i think it's a question of, um, is the nfl ready to make that commitment to the city. because i believe that the city and the community, we are ready and able to make that commitment to them. and uh, i think like any other city, we have a lot to offer. but i believe that, you know, we're the sports capital of the welcome them and have a team to root for. it would provide more job opportunity. i think it'd provide camaraderie and i think if anything else, we get to see some of the best athletes in the world on a weekly basis. >> chris: how about you, you coming? >> steven: i'm a ram, man. (laughter) >> chris: las vegas, home to 42 million tourists each year and the bedrock of a growing 2.5 million residents. some are passionate about the raiders moving to las vegas. national sports radio host j.t.
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but he also works as the raiders pre-game radio host. so he's connected to oakland, but feels las vegas can't afford to punt away this opportunity. >> j.t.: if the raiders don't come to vegas, there will never be nfl here. this is vegas's one shot. so if you've been a local here your whole life or you just moved here in the last year. if you want football, you don't have to be a raider fan. you just have to be a football fan, you should focus on getting the raiders here. because if the raiders don't come, there's not a team coming like jacksonville behind 'em there's not another team that's going through a difficult spot and coming here in the future. this is a one shot window for vegas to get the nfl and what mr. adelson and a lot of the partners surrounding it. it seems like everyone's taking it very seriously and they understand that point. >> chris: another thing that shouldn't be overlooked being an nfl host city is the work the raiders do in the community. the team takes pride in its community service. that's something al davis taught his son mark and davis told me the team will be very involved
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>> j.t.: al davis, before mark davis insisted on this, if you're coming to play for the raiders, you're gonna help out in the community. so i've seen it, i've emceed these events at high schools and around the bay area. toys for tots, some of the drives they have around the holidays and thanksgiving. the raiders are as good as any organization in professional sports at giving back in the community. and that's something that the state of nevada and las vegas,- they'll be blown away by how mark davis will make sure that with community relations, all of his players in the organization are out within the community. if this happens and helps the community grow. mark davis cares about that about as much anything. >> chris: community service only comes with the team. so the only thing davis really cares about now is rewarding las vegas with an nfl franchise. but the only way las vegas scores, is with a new stadium. >> mark: if vegas can come through with what we're talking about, then we'll be raiders of las vegas. ronnie lott and that group are great people, i love those guys. if they can come up with something, good for them.
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focused here and that's where we're gonna be. >> and you choose to take the team there and try to return here again? you're probably gonna come back to a no trust passing sign. >> 1, 2, 3 - >> you know the oakland project is a little more complex than some of these other cities. >> i'm about ready to throw up my hands and just say, you know, forget it. if they want to leave, then let 'em leave. (crowd cheering) >> chris: you know, it seems everybody is passionate about this issue. will the oakland raiders leave for las vegas? it's a big issue and a passionate issue for may fans. now mark davis has said he is not using las vegas as leverage. if somehow the city can come up with 700 million dollars, he's moving his team from oakland to vegas. of course, time will tell. (music) (music) (mouse clicking)
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vegas at its gambling core because there is no guarantee on the return of the investment but there is also no limit to the impact the raiders released renderings of their proposed palace as of now... the fertitta site across the i-15 from mandalay bay... and bali hai golf course at russell and las vegas boulevard are the top spots for the stadium. but again.. before a shovel is in the ground.. the legislature would ne dollars... we'lll keep you updated as las vegas continues to make sports history but for now enjoy preseason football between the raiders and the titans ads for joe heck are attacking my time as attorney general. the thing they left out is the truth. the truth is crime actually went down during my time in office. that's why i've been endorsed by law enforcement across nevada.
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and holding banks accountable for defrauding homeowners. i'm catherine cortez masto. i approve this message because i've spent my career solving problems.
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